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Bitcoin subreddit phishing alert

What happened? This is an alert to anybody that frequents r/Bitcoin. As you may have heard already a certain individual/account is trying to phish BTC by asking for a user’s email address along with their Bitcoins. The accounts seem to be sending PMs to users on r/Bitcoin that look something like the following: Hello, I am one of the many bitcoin millionaires, so i decided to send between 0.1 and …
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Top sponsored ad on Google is a Bitcoin phishing site

What happened This is a reminder to you all to be careful how you store your Bitcoins. The following story is taken from reddit, where someone who started accepting Bitcoins for his services was wiped clean of his coins after a simple phishing site got his credentials for the wallet. The phishing website imitated Blockchain.info¬†which is a popular Bitcoin wallet site. The site showed itself on the front page of …
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