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Bitpesa Resumes Services In Kenya After Partnering With Airtel Money

Over the past few months, the situation of Bitcoin in Kenya has become a bit of a debacle, as the mobile provider used by BitPesa has cut off the company from providing their services. As this fight between both parties was not resolved in a timely manner, Bitpesa has signed a new agreement with Airtel Money, a different mobile money provider operating in various countries around the world. Also read: …
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The Bitcoin Boom In Kenya Is Happening Right Now

Just a few days ago, the Central Bank of Kenya issued a warning against the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It should come as no surprise this warning had an adverse effect, as Bitcoin adoption is growing in the country. When it comes to cheap international money transfers to and from Kenya, there is no better option than using Bitcoin. Also read: Will Kenya Be The Next Bitcoin …
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Will Kenya Be The Next Bitcoin Hub?

Bitcoin has always been touted as the go-to solution for payments and finance in unbanked and underbanked regions of the world. Especially where African countries are concerned, Bitcoin could do a lot of good for everyday citizens. Up until this point, Bitcoin adoption has been fairly low, but a new debate has been sparked in Kenya that might make the country the next digital currency hub. Also read: Is BIP …
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