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Top 5 Bitcoin Games You Need to Check Out

The video game industry keeps growing, and so does the cryptocurrency industry. These two can feel like a match made in heaven, but unfortunately there are not a lot of bitcoin-related games out there for us to play. To help you in your search for the best bitcoin games out there, here are a few worth trying out – excluding faucets and casino games. 5. BitJoy games Bitcoin rewards platform BitJoy …
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SaruTobi Players Can Now Obtain Counterparty Tokens

Most people active in the Bitcoin ecosystem will know the popular iOS game SaruTobi. Despite going through a ban by Apple and being reinstated shortly afterwards, SaruTobi has become a very popular mobile game for Bitcoin community members. A new update has been announced, as the game incorporated Counterparty. Also read: Will Kenya Be The Next Bitcoin Hub? SaruTobi Players Can Now Get Sarutobi Coin Similar to how Bitcoin operates, …
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