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1 BTC = $ 1000000000000000000

According to this math in 230 years Bitcoin will be worth 1 trillion $. Given that Bitcoin will keep following this logarithmic function make sure you put aside 0.01 BTC in paper wallets and save it somewhere. This is what heltok from reddit said: If we assume that bitcoin’s value will be the same, no growth in the US economy and US money supply keeps expanding at present rate, then 1BTC will …
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We passed 600, what now?

Bitcoin has been on a steady climb since May 19th. We passed 500 which was quite a hurdle in terms of emotion. We were able to sustain high volume and are creeping up to the 1000 mark. Just today we hit 600 so what will happen now? As a disclaimer the following will be pure speculation and your comments are more than welcome in regards to this. Lets take a …
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Why Bitcoin is rising

  Why? As of today, May 25th Bitcoin has gone up over 100$ in the past week. Why is Bitcoin following such an uptrend after months of trouble and decline. Some argue that the price has been steady for long enough and now investors are hungry and are looking to profit, other’s are saying that more people are finding out about Bitcoin and want a piece of the currency. Despite …
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