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Beer. In. Space.

Earlier this year, beer giant AB InBev – makers of Budweiser – announced it has plans to brew beer on Mars once humanity settles there. In collaboration with various research institutions and the International Space Station (ISS), AB InBev is getting closer to making its dream a reality. The ISS will participate in a study to determine what brewing would look like beyond Earth. Beer. In. Space. On an upcoming SpaceX cargo run to the ISS, there …
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Brew Beer With Bitcoin?

Recently I read an article about tiny homes relying on cryptocurrency miners for heat in Siberia. In an area with cheap electricity and cold temperatures most of the year, the idea isn’t too crazy. We may see this kind of operation become more popular as cryptos gain even more traction. It made me wonder, are there other out-of-the-box ways we can utilize the heat produced by mining? Utility Mining Might be the Next Big …
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