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WeRide to Bring Commercial Autonomous Taxis to China in July

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing focus on autonomous vehicles of all forms, shapes, and sizes. In China, research and development of this new form of transportation has taken an interesting turn. WeRide, a domestic startup, will attempt to launch their first commercial autonomous taxis in two cities later this year. This is done in an effort to rival the likes of Google and Uber. Commercial …
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Autonomous Vehicle “Martti” Sets Record Drive Along Snowy Road

Autonomous vehicles are some of the most intriguing inventions in the world today. One of the questions most people have is whether or not these vehicles can hold up under severe weather conditions. Martti, a self-driving vehicle designed in Finland, took a trip through the snow last weekend. Surprisingly, this worked out quite well, and Martti even set a new drive record over a very dangerous road. Finnish Autonomous Vehicles Don’t Mind …
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4 Companies You Didn’t Know that are Working on Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars are all of the hype in the technology sector right now. Whereas most people still have to wrap their head around the idea of sitting behind a steering wheel and not driving a car, various companies are working on introducing these vehicles to the mainstream very soon. While everyone knows about the Tesla’s, Google’s and even Renault’s autonomous vehicles, there are quite a few other companies working on …
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