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Ride-sharing Meets Autonomous Cars as Waymo Partners With Lyft

The world of self-driving vehicles has seen quite some interesting developments as of late. A major announcement was made late last week, as Waymo and Lyft are partnering up for a new venture. This is a development very few people saw coming, although it goes to show companies focusing on ride-sharing and self-driving vehicles can achieve similar goals with ease. Waymo and Lyft Is Quite a Powerful Combination Most people …
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South Korea Unveils K-City, the World’s Largest Autonomous Vehicle Testing Facility

Self-driving cars are of great interest to researchers and technology enthusiasts in South Korea. Due to the high interest, the country is building a new test facility for autonomous vehicles, which will be the largest in the world. Information reveals the project goes by the name of K-City, and should be ready for testing purposes in October of 2017. K-City Will Propel Autonomous Vehicle Testing To New Heights It is …
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4 Facts About Autonomous Cars You Didn’t Know

Self-driving vehicles are one of the main points of focus in the technology sector today. A lot has been said about autonomous cars over the past few years, yet there are quite a few things most consumers remain unaware about. The future of autonomous vehicles may look very different from how most people envision it, that much is certain. #4 Future Generations May Not Have A Steering Wheel It is …
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