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Elon Musk Makes the Case (Again) for Universal Basic Income

Renaissance man and real life Tony Stark, Elon Musk, has repeatedly mentioned how he believes that robots and computers will just become too good at doing the vast majority of jobs to be sustainable for modern economies. I happen to agree with him on this to an extent. Because of this, Musk believes that we will need to turn to a system of universal basic income sooner rather than later. …
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Robots May Take as Many as 20% of the World’s Jobs by 2030

Depending on how you want to look at it, robots will either become a huge problem or not much of a threat. According to a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute, up to 800 million jobs may be lost to robots in the next few years. That is quite a high number, especially considering this will affect around one-third of the workforce of richer nations. On a global scale, the …
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Deutsche Bank CEO Says Bankers and Accountants Are Not Safe From Automation

We constantly hear about how technology, robots, and computers are coming to replace us in the workplace. However, some jobs are at higher risk than others. For this reason, many people who are not in low-skilled or manual labor positions often feel somewhat safe from the oncoming technology revolution. Deutsche Bank, the large international financial institution, recently cast doubt on this kind of thinking when its CEO alluded to replacing the …
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