What Is Asch Cryptocurrency?

Decentralized applications are the next big thing in the world of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. Asch aims to become a “next-generation decentralized application platform”. With a focus on efficiency, flexibility, security, and DApps, the barrier to entry for developers should be lowered in the near future. The Purpose of Asch Even though there are so many different DApp platforms out there as of right now, it has become evident that there …
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What is Asch Platform?

Asch is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides a public chain and an app Software Development Kit. This is the first system designed to give developers the ability to deploy completely independent blockchain applications.   Asch’s goal is to solve the problem of blockchain fragmentation. Asch Tokens can be used across different blockchain ecosystems and exchanges.   Asch combines DPOS and PBFT. DPOS is a consensus mechanism that is more …
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