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What Is the APEX Token Fund?

Over the past year, a lot of crypto funds have emerged. Many of them are not so great, but others are executing sound strategies in the space. But why are so many not able to execute? With various hedge funds, the minimum requirements are quite steep and the lock-up periods are quite substantial. Hedge funds typically need time to execute their strategies, which means investor funds are frozen for a …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Massive Drop After Google Announces It Will Ban Crypto Ads

Bitcoin is struggling. Following yesterday’s unimpressive but steady balance at $9,130, bitcoin has fallen by nearly $1,000 and is now trading for less than $8,300. The news likely stems from an announcement by Google, as the popular Internet search engine has sworn to ban cryptocurrency and ICO-related ads in the coming months and to crack down on digital currency scams. Similar sentiment was witnessed amongst Facebook executives earlier this year. …
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