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The FCC Killed Net Neutrality, and No, It Won’t Be All Right

Yesterday, the FCC voted 3-2 to strike down Obama-era regulations which classified ISPs as public utilities. By doing so, companies will have the opportunity to privilege certain information over others. Readers will know I’ve been vocal and passionate about this issue in the past. I’ll try to keep my cool. This is Dumb as Hell Skirting past my promise to keep my cool, I’ll admit, I’m livid right now. Not only …
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The FCC Continues to Behave Like a Shady Business

Recently, the FCC doubled down on its attack on net neutrality under its chair, Ajit Pai. Two developments show the FCC’s contempt for anything but their agenda, which looks to kill net neutrality and benefits large companies while stripping U.S. citizens of their rights. The Net Neutrality Day of Action On July 12th, companies and individuals across the entire United States teamed up to show the FCC that they believe …
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Latest From the Front – Net Neutrality

In case anyone forgot, the battle against net neutrality is still being waged. Just recently, nine senators have put forward a bill which is essentially identical to the one the same proposed in 2016 -which was shot down-. What this bill would do is strip the FCC of its ability to classify Internet Service Providers as common carriers. In a sick perversion, they have named this bill the “Restoring Internet …
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