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What Is Achain?

When it comes to projects embracing smart contract technology, there is quite a lot of competition in the marketplace. Achain hopes to make a positive impact in this area over the next few years. The platform is designed to build a boundless blockchain reality, which sounds rather ambitious. Why was Achain Created? The Achain team decided to create a new public blockchain platform to let developers issue tokens, smart contracts, dApps, and …
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All of the ACT Initial Coin Offering (ICO) proceeds are to be spent on Activism

All proceeds of the ACT ICO (https://daoact.org/ico) will be locked into its Alpha platform Ethereum smart contract primarily to support activists. And nothing or no-one can stop it doing so. ACT is a decentralized funding platform focused on supporting activists on the front line of fighting for the future that we need to see. The ACT Swiss Foundation team led by Irish Olympian and innovative climate finance specialist, Fraser Brown …
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