Survivalist Investors Hedge Against Global Catastrophies by Buying Bitcoin

For quite some time now, investors have been wondering if it’s worth diversifying one’s portfolio by getting involved in bitcoin. Those investors who have a survivalist mentality certainly feel it is the right thing to do right now. Stocking up on commodities that can survive financial instability is becoming a top priority. Bitcoin fits that bill perfectly, even though no one knows how things will play out for cryptocurrency.

The Ultra-Rich Like Bitcoin For Various Reasons

The future of finance as we know it is anything but certain right now. For investors and speculators, this is a golden era of new trading opportunities and ways to hedge against future volatility in the market. As a result, there are two types of ultra-rich traders right now: the pessimists and the survivalists. This first group doesn’t look beyond basic commodities or assets to invest in, yet seems to make a decent profit from doing so.

Survivalist investors, on the other hand, are looking at the bigger picture. Digital currency can play a big role in the future of finance, even though no one can say for certain if that will be the case. Although these people do not lose track of traditional investment opportunities either, they are bolder in their approach to diversification. For a lot of ultra-rich investors, that includes buying bitcoins.

It has to be said, the future of our society is not necessarily looking bright. Warfare, famine and political breakdowns are all making headline news on a regular basis. Although these “threats” have always been present to some degree, it appears things are getting worse as more time progresses. Preparing for whatever the future may hold is never a bad thing, and for most investors, that means stockpiling Bitcoin.

While we may never find out of Bitcoin could effectively help our society survive a global catastrophe, the cryptocurrency seems to tick most of the right boxes. It has a global appeal, does not rely on banks or governments to be issued, and has no inflationary supply. In fact, those who foresee a future in which self-reliance becomes mandatory will be attracted to Bitcoin automatically.

One could argue gold falls into this same category, and they would be right up to a certain extend. Gold has been the “standard” for survivalist investors for quite some time now, yet storing large amounts of physical currency would not make sense in a post-apocalyptic scenario by any means. To some people, storing digital currency may not make sense either, yet it’s more likely to be accepted as the new post-apocalyptic global currency.

It is impossible to tell if Bitcoin will ever be able to live up to its potential if push would come to shove. Depending on what global catastrophe awaits us, the entire concept of paying with any form of currency may be rendered moot. Without internet and devices capable of connecting to it, the future of Bitcoin would be uncertain at best. That being said, Bitcoin is still a good way to hedge against whatever may come our way over the next few decades.

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