Survey Provider Qualtrics Integrates Bitcoin Rewards

Qualtrics, one of the largest online survey providers, has announced that it will be incorporating Bitcoin rewards to the individuals who complete their surveys and to the enterprise clients which create the surveys in order to find out information on their target markets taste.

About the company

The private research company, based in Provo Utah, was founded in 2002 by four individuals.Its services are perfectly adapted to the data field as it allows many kinds of data collection and can look into specific areas such as customer satisfaction and website feedback. In 2012 they had a $70 million investment from Sequoia Capital and Accel Partner ,one of the largest investments by the companies at the time. Qualtric services are also used to process feedback from Wikipedia.

How users can receive Bitcoin

In order to start earning Bitcoin you must first sign-up to their website. Then once you have a suitable amount of point you can exchange the points for a tango gift card which can then ,in turn, use to purchase amazon gift cards,Bitcoin and other gift cards. The company has chose to make this decision as they believe it will allow them to reach the millennial demographic.

Qualtrics head of strategy and research Mike Maughan commented “Millennials are most familiar with and most likely to be part of the bitcoin movement. A lot of millennials are more on the cutting edge of bitcoin, and those are among the people that are most sought after for their insights right now.”

He also said that he cannot see any downside to using the cryptocurrency as it is very secure and has fast transactions. However the unstable price can mean that some customers may receive less or more Bitcoin than they paid for.Furthermore you can also just purchase the amazon gift cards as it is not compulsory to purchase Bitcoin.”It’s not a compulsion,” Maughan said. “If they have any concern about bitcoin, they can then cash out for gift cards.”  This shows that Bitcoin is advancing at an increasing pace as earlier this month Microsoft’s Bing partnered with Tango to allow users to win $500 in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is rapidly evolving which means hopefully it will be incorporated in everyone’s life directly.

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