Surging Memecoin is Up By 400%, Is KANG the Next DogWifHat (WIF)?

KangaMoon’s exponential rise to 400% within a few months has caused ripples among investors. Early adopters of the token are currently swimming in profit with latter-day members also earning significant increases. In reminiscence of the DogWifHat (WIF) late last year surge, KangaMoon (KANG) recent outpouring of bullishness has seen it compared to DogWifHat. With the bull run still on the way, KangaMoon is one of the next meme coins investors should watch.

DogWifHat Market Cap May Hit $4 Billion Soon

Early 2024 kick-started the Solana-based meme coins boom with the DogWifHat coin emerging out of nowhere to bulldoze its way to the top. In one year, DogWifHat’s price surged by a massive 1700% despite the bearish sentiments prevailing in some months. While the intensity of the surge might have died down a bit, Dogwifhat is still leading by over 17% in the past month.

In the same vein, the DogWifHat market cap has been bullish and could reach $4 billion in a few months. An impressive surge in DogWifHat trading volume has also been noticed to complete the token’s bullish trajectory. With every obstacle out of the way for DogWifHat, there are conflicting DogWifHat price predictions with many analysts suggesting a rise to $5 and some predicting a price of $10 in the bull market.

KangaMoon Hits $6.6 Million in the Meme Coin Market

While DogWifHat has a reputation for exponential surges, KangaMoon may be the next meme coin to burst onto the scene. The KangaMoon platform currently has community members of more than 25k with active holders of over 6k. Just recently, the token presale hit $6.6 million, indicating the heightened interest of investors in the potential of KANG.

One of the key attributes that has endeared it to buyers is its real utility. Unlike many meme coins which thrive through hyping, KangaMoon blends SocialFi and GameFI into a single entity and then weaves in a huge community to promote the project. Every stakeholder in KangaMoon earns rewards for their commitment. While a sizable amount of tokens is allocated as in-game benefits, active participants on social media also earn free tokens.

The in-game items can be turned into real value assets at the platform marketplace. KangaMoon is beautifying the gaming industry with a future sneak into the P2E market that is projected to reach a massive $8856. 95 million in 2028. With these exciting opportunities, KangaMoon’s early buyers have earned a massive 400% in profit and an ROI of up 1000% has been forecasted by analysts in the coming weeks.

As the token is preparing to be listed across major exchanges, KangaMoon’s new price is now $0.025.. While there could be instances of market volatility, this early stage of KangaMoon projects it for a greater future. With a potential price surge to $0.5 in Q3, KangaMoon is the best meme coin to invest in at a low price


With DogWifHat having already made a name for itself in the meme coin market, KangaMoon may be the next in line to jump into a massive rise. While early signs have been encouraging, the platform’s impending jump into the NFT market could make the difference, making it one of the new meme tokens to skyrocket to a new height.

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