SUPERBLOOM: The Token Exchange of the Future

Superbloom is poised to set the standard for token exchanges in 2018 thanks to its utilization of the latest in financial planning technology and access to a wide assortment of digital coin products, including its own innovative Token, built on the Stellar public blockchain. Superbloom offers a safe and secure way for both crypto-fluent and non-crypto-fluent members to access vetted ICOs, and explore the ability to trade on crypto assets beyond the big four that currently dominate the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin.

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Syndication Tools

Superbloom has released a set of tools to help syndicate leaders manage investment allocations, and give users the opportunity to take part in vetted Token Sales, simplifying the process of sharing and tracking your referrals, and making it easier to take part in a pre-sale as a group of investors.

“Last month, more blockchain companies raised capital through ICO pre-sales than public sales. But pre-sales are incredibly difficult to navigate. Our new syndication tools provide early access to vetted pre-sales. We’re democratizing access to research and pre-sales – it’s a game changer for cryptocurrency.” — EMMIE CHANG, CEO OF SUPERBLOOM

Be Rewarded for Long-Term Participation

Standard platforms neither encourage nor support long-term utilization. Their focus is solely on maximizing daily profit, taking advantages of coin fluctuations to profit off a system designed to minimize expense and the need for third-party actors. Superbloom counters this by developing a business model that actively rewards long-term participants through a basic automatic profit-sharing scheme that provides long-term holders with rewards following each token sale event.

Know Before You Invest

Investing in any product requires the ability to quickly understand a vast array of information about the company and the instrument itself. Superbloom eliminates this uncertainty by providing investors with access to every piece of information available in an easy to use format. For investors, this means the elimination of potentially hours of research and missed investment opportunities.

Simplified Portfolio Management

The average cryptocurrency investor often has several different digital coins in his or her wallet. The problem is figuring out what they are all worth and efficiently converting between them. Superbloom eliminates this headache by providing a single interface that combines all the invested assets, including fiat currencies like the United States Dollar, enabling the user to see at a glance the portfolio in its entirety.

What Sets Superbloom Apart?

One of the most significant challenges faced by investors entering the cryptocurrency field is knowing which companies to invest in, and maintaining a healthy array of currencies in their own portfolio. Superbloom offers an innovative portfolio management system that simplifies digital currencies, showing them in manners more familiar with seasoned investors such as stock options or shares. The company offers its own digital currency that can be leveraged to buy and sell pre-ICO coins, treating them like any other financial instrument.

When combined with its innovative research platform, investors will be able to make the best decisions possible for their specific investing goals without wasting time or money during research themselves. In short, this platform takes the guesswork of the latest form of investing developed in the modern age.

Superbloom was founded with the simple idea of utilizing the latest in financial portfolio management technology, in conjunction with the blockchain platform, in order to simplify and reduce the expenses involved in digital coin investing. The company’s mission is to reduce the uncertainty that comes with participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) while encouraging the utilization of these visual tokens both on and off the platform.