Stage two presale project Sparklo (SPRK) gains massive appeal after decrease of Dash (DASH) and Loopring (LRC)

After the decrease in the value of the Dash (DASH) and Loopring (LRC) cryptocurrencies, many investors and traders took to the Web3 space to begin diversifying their holdings and to begin making investments within projects.

One of the latest projects to get a lot of appeal is Sparklo. Savvy cryptocurrency traders know that the most value can be gained from projects that are in their presale stage and Sparklo is at stage two. Today, we will go over why this cryptocurrency specifically gained such a high level of appeal and why it became the go-to cryptocurrency for a lot of investors. 


Dash (DASH) saw a dip in its value by 28.1%

On May 5, 2023, Maya Protocol announced the Dash (DASH) integration event on Twitter. Moreover, Dash (DASH) announced that there is no limit on what can be purchased through cryptocurrency with the usage of DashDirect. 

Despite the expansion and growth of the ecosystem, the Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency has been in decline. On May 12, 2023, Dash (DASH) traded at $39.69. In the last 30 days, Dash (DASH) saw a decrease of 28.1% and in the last week, it has been down by 18.1%.

Loopring (LRC) declined in value by 22.6%

Loopring (LRC) made waves last month with the announcement of Red Packets, where users could send over 1 million non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for under $.50. Moreover, Loopring (LRC) shared their Loophead NFTs, indicating a growth in the overall ecosystem. However, the value of the Loopring (LRC) cryptocurrency has been in decline.

On May 12, 2023, Loopring (LRC) traded at $0.286734. Within the last 30 days, Loopring (LRC) decreased in value by 22.6% and in the last week alone, it saw a dip of 12.8%.

Sparklo (SPRK) sees massive stage two presale momentum

The Sparklo project will be developed as a location for alternative investments where anyone can begin making their entry into precious metals. This means that users can get access to gold, silver and platinum bars.

This is made possible through the usage of NFTs. On top of the Sparklo platform, NFTs get minted and then they are fractionalized. This provides investors with the opportunity to buy an entire NFT or a fraction of it. If they do buy an entire NFT, they can get it delivered anywhere.

The stage two presale puts the SPRK token at a value of just $0.022. The team has undergone KYC and the Sparklo platform has been audited by the InterFi network. Moreover, the liquidity behind the network will be locked for 100 years to prevent a rug pull and analysts predict that it can climb in value by 1,500% in the upcoming months. Based on our research, Sparklo represents one of the most significant investment opportunities for 2023 and investors can buy the token at the links below.

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