Some People Still Try to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal in 2019

There are many different platforms and companies looking to bring Bitcoin to the masses. Not all of these platforms should be trusted, primarily where some unusual payment methods are involved. 

The AlphaChanger platform is currently receiving a lot of flack, even though users should know better than to blindly trust this type of service.

Avoid Using PayPal for Cryptocurrencies

On the surface, there is nothing wrong with what the company is trying to provide.

They too – seemingly – aim to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the masses.

To do so, the company claims to accept deposits through PayPal, a company notorious for not supporting cryptocurrencies in any official capacity. 

Unfortunately, some users still tend to believe it is possible to buy and sell Bitcoin through PayPal in 2019.

Several complaints regarding this service can be found all over the internet.

AlphaChanger has a history allegedly not fulfilling customer orders, and not providing refunds either. 

Such complaints always need to be taken with a grain of salt, however.

Cryptocurrency users need to be aware of why PayPal won’t offer them a refund either in case something goes wrong.

The company does not offer a buyer protection service for purchases made that qualify as digital goods, particularly virtual currencies. 

It is always best to stay away from platforms claiming to let users pay with PayPal for Bitcoin or altcoins.

For those unaware, it is also forbidden to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to PayPal in general.

Engaging in this type of activity can get one’s account limited or even terminated permanently.