Social Media Remains a Cesspool of Wrong and Fake Coronavirus News

There is a lot of information regarding the coronavirus crisis to keep an eye on. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish fake news from factual information.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of wrong information regarding the coronavirus.

Ignore the Fake Coronavirus News on Social Media

Most of the fake news is distributed over social media, as is to be expected.

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp have fallen victim to ample fake content.

This does not help those preparing for the coronavirus, nor those currently dealing with it in an active manner.

This misleading and wrong information needs to be weeded out sooner or later.

It is also fake news like this which causes problems for Google and its advertisement team.

As is often the case, criminals try to take advantage of any situation to make money.

For now, it is unclear how much fake coronavirus information can be found on social media.

Rest assured there is ample of utterly wrong information out there. 

Trusting official sources is the only way forward during the coronavirus crisis.

Even mainstream media outlets should not be taken at face value.

They too have a habit of spinning the new sin such a way that it fits their narrative better.