Smsogram Offers Private Mobile Phone Numbers For Bitcoin

It is always good to see new services launch which deals with Bitcoin payments at some stage. Smsogram is something to keep an eye on, as this solution lets users receive text messages in exchange for Bitcoin. Quite an exciting service which may be useful for those platforms which require a one-time authentication code.

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Buying A Private Mobile Phone Number With Bitcoin

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Service Smsogram

Although users should not see the Smsogram service as a long-term solution for mobile verification purposes, the service can prove to be quite handy when needed. There are a few free numbers in different countries people can use, or they can simply pay for a private number which will be at their disposal at all times.

To some people, this might offer some more privacy or anonymity when dealing with particular services and platforms. However, these numbers may not work properly when dealing with services which continually send a text message to verify or things like that. Do keep in mind all of these phone numbers are activated using Google VoIP.

Some companies and services will automatically blacklist these numbers if they notice it is originating from the Google VoIP service. That being said, the number of services taking such drastic action is relatively limited, and there is always a chance to try one of the free numbers before purchasing a private number from Smsogram.

Users can choose from a variety of countries when buying their private number, including the UK, US, and Poland. Not every country is available of course, and prices will vary from region to region. Most options have no set-up price but only a monthly fee, whereas the US numbers require a one-time setup fee and no monthly subscription. All payments can be made using Bitcoin

Smsogram users also have to keep in mind this service is only intended to receive SMS messages, rather than sending them. Offering a service that lets users send text messages over the Internet is subject to specific regulatory requirements, and Smsogram is not focusing their attention on that type of functionality right now.


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