SMSCHAIN to Help Users Leverage their SMS Bundles for a Profit via the SMSTO Token

Every year, people throughout the world send fewer SMS messages, due to the increase in popularity that social media platforms and instant messaging apps have received. At this time, SMS is still used by companies to send users information on new products and services, confirmation codes, account information, announcement and more.

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SMSCHAIN is a blockchain-based platform whose purpose is to help users leverage their SMS messages to make an additional passive income on a monthly basis. Therefore, it helps create an interconnected framework between the world’s telecom companies, which will actively deliver A2P (application-to-person) SMS messages with the help of users who wish to earn rewards. Anyone with an unlimited SMS bundle, or with unused SMS messages can become a member of this movement, and hence increase their monthly income.

Access to the platform is made simple. Anyone who purchases the SMSCHAIN token and installs the app on their Android phones will be able to earn money with no effort whatsoever. Users are free to set the number of messages that their phone will send, but also the type of content. The more messages are sent, the higher the monthly profits are.

The SMSTO tokens will power up, and guarantee the outcome of the SMS campaigns provided by SMSCHAIN. With this in mind, at the start of a campaign, the aggregator will calculate the total cost of the campaign and deposit the required number of tokens into their account, directly on the blockchain network. This amount will then be used as a security deposit and it’ll provide input for the transactions. In the long run, these tokens will also be used for the messaging agreement transactions that are made during the campaign auction.

SMSTO, which is also the currency of the SMSCHAIN platform will also power up the project’s financial side and help with mining and the commission system. Miners who own a larger number of tokens will be able to send more SMS messages per day, and hence earn more money. Additionally, nodes that have a higher balance will also receive a percentage on each transaction, according to their number of tokens.

Due to the economic laws of demand and supply, miners and node owners will be interested in holding more SMSTO for more transactions and commissions, whereas companies that wish to send SMS will use the tokens to pay for their campaigns. Whenever needed, users will be able to trade the SMSTO token for fiat, other tokens or digital currencies, as a method of cashing-out.

To learn more about the SMSTO and the SMSCHAIN platform, feel free to take a look at the website, read the whitepaper and join the Telegram chat group.