Smoke Network Launches Blockchain That Rewards Its Users for Cannabis Content

Smoke Network, a community-driven social network, hope to solve a number if issues in the global online cannabis community.

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Problems include censorship of cannabis related content by mainstream social networks and a lack of rewards for content creators and consumers.

In addition data ‘mining’ of users information to sell to third parties,  a ‘walled’ garden approach and the promotion of fake news create a negative environment for today’s social media users.

Smoke Network will allow “self-funded” rewards on the completely decentralized, user-owned application with the intention of promoting the network’s growth. The platform will reward community members with SMOKE coins for posting and curating content on the platform. The interactions include posting images, articles and reviews of strains and local dispensaries.

Through the Smoke Network, cannabis users can benefit from a great platform to share cannabis content  easily with friends as well as get accurate information about cannabis strains and dispensaries while at the same time offering experienced cannabis users and growers a way to get paid for their insights.

The Smoke Network network will be built on a DPoS blockchain for scalability and efficiency. In addition 50% of all distributable tokens will be airdropped onto Smoke Network subscribers  in order to help create a sustainable distribution model for the network through an airdrop event running from the 15th of February 2018 through to the 1st of July 2018

At Smoke Network we strongly believe in the real world potential for an uncensorable cannabis social network inspired by the thriving global cannabis community and our experience running and launching a successful social media presence of half a million users on popular social media networks

The platform has announced the launch of its main ICO campaign, allowing investors to purchase SMOKE tokens between the 20th April, 2018 (4/20) and the 25th May, 2018.

The Smoke Network beta is currently live and running on the Steem blockchain and an MVP frontend prototype is available at

For more info about the project and to grab your piece of the SMOKE airdrop please visit the Smoke Network website.


Smoke Holdings IBC is a software development company and is producing the Smoke Network software as free, open source code. For more information please see the Terms of Use located at