Silberpfeil – Tokens Backed by Real-world Assets

Hey While cryptocurrencies began largely as experiments in the cryptography and technology space, the rise of ICO’s has attracted the attention of many companies who are seeking to utilize blockchain technology in new and novel ways. Silberpfeil is one of those taking a novel approach by introducing a new token, AMG, which is backed on a roughly one to one ratio with the company’s energy drinks. The advantage of their strategy is primarily based on their existing business as a purveyor of energy drinks throughout Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey, with expansion plans already slated for as many as 23 countries.

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Silberpfeil’s name is derived from “Silver Arrow,” a popular name for AMG Mercedes race cars, which are actually partnered with the brand and have allowed the logo to be shown on their cans. The crowdsale is being held by Aranell AG, which is also an established company in Switzerland. According to the white paper, the main objective of the fundraising is the organization of marketing events to raise the recognition of the Silberpfeil brand all over the world and expand distribution markets. Eighty percent of the funds raised will be spent on marketing, both online and offline, as well as social network advertising, sports and event sponsorship. The white paper also accounts for production and other costs entailed in the manufacturing of the company’s energy drinks.

The company’s AMG tokens can be converted to SILBERPFEIL products or exchanged for token bonuses. Each ERC20-based AMG token is backed up by one can of the company’s beverage, with an indicative median unit price of roughly 1.8Euros. This could be a particularly profitable strategy for retail businesses, who may be able to purchase large quantities of the beverage at significantly reduced prices, by participating in early rounds of the fundraising. Token holders get a bonus from each can sold, therefore, with increasing volume, there will be concurrently increased profit. Retail shops may also pay the company for their drink in AMG tokens, receiving a discount for doing so. In order to diversify their product range and secure their brand against potential regulatory risks, they also produce other beverages including oxygen infused water and tea.

Silberpfeil also has significant plans to encourage franchisees.  The main point of purchasing a franchise is access to the company’s special branded refrigerators, which are typically 800USD.  By participating in the crowdsale, partners could receive up to a 25% discount. The company also intends to develop a mobile app which will allow consumers to locate beverages at local retailers, making use of geolocation services.  The crowdsale intends to raise a minimum of $10 million USD, with roughly 75% of tokens on offer at the token sale period, and another 20% held by the company.

The company plans to reach a total market capitalization of 1 billion dollars within 3 years, as detailed in their roadmap. While certainly ambitious, Silberpfeil has done a significant degree of financial analysis and is extrapolating from their existing sales to reach these projections. With energy drinks continuing to expand their share of the beverage market at an exponential rate, Silberpfeil hopes to lead the industry into the future.