Signals Brings Data Science To Crypto Trading With Marketplace Token Presale

There are limitations to what the human brain is capable of, especially when it comes to juggling complex statistical models, analyzing trends and predicting market sentiments. These days, such complex tasks are increasingly being delegated to machine intelligence who are not only capable of raking in higher profits, but can do so without any human emotion. And these machines are about to become a lot more smarter with Signal’s marketplace for data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies.

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Signals is a Prague-based start-up that is developing a smart marketplace for cryptocurrency trading signals. The marketplace enables traders to easily create their own custom trading strategies from the vast array of trading algorithms, ranging from traditional technical analysis to state-of-the-art machine-learning techniques without any programming skills.

The easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly assemble their trading strategy all under a few clicks. Backed by vaults of historical data and computational power, machines can make smarter and faster trading decisions and maximize trading profits.

Built on blockchain technology, Signals not only provides a secure marketplace platform, but also enables traders to monitor the distribution of tokens among token holders and predict price movement based on holding patterns.

For experienced developers and data scientists, the Signals Platform is a great opportunity to monetize knowledge and technical know-how by developing indicators which can be traded on the marketplace.

The platform also comes with a simulation model for users to train their model using historical data from crypto exchanges, optimized algorithms, and supportive analytics to train the model.  Once perfected and optimized, traders can take their models online for real-time trading decision and share it with the community.

Signals is offering sophisticated and powerful machine learning algorithms for the whole crypto community backed by decentralized supercomputers power and augmented by crowd sourced wisdom. Here is a glimpse of the platform’s capabilities

To process extreme amounts of data and complex algorithmic computations within a short time, the Signals company has just partnered with iExec, a French company specializing in blockchain-based cloud computing.

IExec is building an innovative marketplace network for users to monetize their applications, servers, and data-sets. This synergetic partnership enables Signals to process big data within a reasonable timeframe, while making it affordable for common users.  

The alpha version of Signals platform and Strategy marketplace is scheduled for public release before the end of 2017. The platform’s ecosystem including purchasing indicators, data sets, and leasing a strategy for copy-trading will be readily available through the native Signals Token (SGN). SGN is a deflationary token. A small percent of the token gets burned every time payment is made on the platform. This design ensures that the token increases in both market price and growth as supply shrinks.

Signals is offering SGN token to marketplace participants through its Token Presale event. The event starts on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, at 14:00 UTC. Tokens will be offered for Ethereum at approximately 0.26 USD per token. Participants must register on Signals website a name, e-mail and an ETH wallet address before participating.