Sibcoin Integrates With Moneypolo

Sibcoin, a project developing the eponymous cryptocurrency, has agreed integration of the coin in the services of Moneypolo.

Moneypolo is an international payments processor which, among other things, services cryptocurrency exchanges such as BTC-e and Exmo. With Sibcoin connected to Moneypolo’s system, it is now possible to withdraw it to a plastic card or transfer systems like WebMoney.

Sibcoin’s team is confident that the integration can dramatically promote the project’s services, and solve the long-standing problem of cryptocurrency enthusiasts concerning easy conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat money.

This makes Sibcoin one of a chosen few of cryptocurrencies connected to payments systems that allow one to operate with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies alike.

Presently, withdrawing cryptocurrencies involves cryptocurrency exchanges and currency converter services, which usually takes some time, and may seem too complicated to an average user who is not accustomed to the crypto industry.

After the integration, those problems may become obsolete.

Ivan Rublev, founder and CEO of Sibcoin, stated:

“Integration of Sibcoin in Moneypolo can offer a radical solution to the problem of withdrawals. With a card issued by Moneypolo, withdrawals will become easy for miners, store owners, freelancers, and virtually everyone who deals with remote jobs and payments. In fact, once you earn Sibcoin, you can go to a brick and mortar store with that card, and buy whatever you could buy with your usual card.

As a cryptocurrency, Sibcoin is an offshoot of Dash, though it incorporates some specific features developed on top of Dash’s protocol, and uses different encryption algorithms designed specifically for the coin.

The project’s team claims that the ultimate goal of Sibcoin is to make cryptocurrencies closer to people. In order to fulfill this promise, the project has introduced several solution over the recent months.

June 2017, it has released, a service that enables cross-border remittances via Sibcoin. The service makes cryptocurrency itself invisible for the recipient, so they don’t have to be aware of cryptotechnologies to enjoy their advantages.

The project is also working on a system of bulk payments, which would enable one to send money via Sibcoin to multiple cards issued in any country of the world.