Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Comes to Florida And Virginia

Bitcoin debit cards have always been a subject of controversy in recent times, as many people feel this is not the right way to spend digital currency. The Shift Card, which is the first US-based Bitcoin debit card, has expanded its availability to two more states.

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Shift Card Availability Improves

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It is always positive to see a Bitcoin debit card provider expand their services and availability, especially when that company is one of the very few options US Bitcoin enthusiasts have. As most people are well aware of, any Bitcoin-related services in the US are in a bit of a pickle, due to state legislation and regulatory requirements.

But Shift is doing things differently in this regard, as they are US-based, rather than trying to tackle this matter as an international company. This does not give them any advantage to penetrate the US market as a Bitcoin debit card provider, though, as they are still facing a hard time to offer services throughout the entire country.

However, now and then, there is some good news to report for Shift. Earlier today, the company announced how two more states can now enjoy the services they offer, as both Florida and Virginia residents can now order their Bitcoin debit card. A significant step in the right direction for this company, and good news for digital currency enthusiasts in those states.

The addition of Florida and Virginia means Shift Bitcoin debit cards are now available in 37 US states. New York is notably absent, but that comes hardly as a surprise considering the BitLicense requirements in that state. It will be interesting to see is Shift can expand their service to the other remaining states in the coming months as they seem to be on the right track.

One potential drawback of this system is how they are linked to Coinbase, and not everyone is a big fan of that particular Bitcoin exchange platform. That being said, this should not be a major hurdle for most people, depending on how badly they want to use this service. Keeping in mind how there is no annual fee on the card, it is well worth considering.

Source: Reddit

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