Shanhai Game’s Token Doran Is Listed on Bitmart, Surged 9X

SHANHAI, the first 3D fantasy martial arts MMORPG built on blockchain technology, has revolutionized the game industry. This cutting-edge project successfully mashes traditional classic culture with futuristic fantasy components to create an unforgettable gaming adventure. 

Games have always served as an escape from daily life. Today, amidst widespread global and economic uncertainties, they offer an excellent opportunity to earn solid currency while enjoying a fantastic journey in a fantasy world. The game provides an exhilarating experience where players can engage in epic battles against monsters and bosses. By teaming up and forming bands, players not only enjoy collaborative raids but also have the opportunity to earn real money.

At its core, SHANHAI aspires to provide players with a universe where they can freely roam, form alliances, and make in-game advancements. The game takes a well-rounded approach, combining deep mechanics, high-quality visuals, and a large explorable world. SHANHAI has a compelling narrative and various competitive modes, such as dungeons for solo players and guild wars, that will keep players engrossed for hours.

Doran (DRN), the game’s play-to-earn token, gives players the chance to not only experience an immersive digital world but also earn tangible benefits by participating in the game.

SHANHAI’s architecture is powered by its efficient blockchain, where all in-game items and characters are represented as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This innovation enables players to trade, buy, and sell assets, fostering a vibrant in-game economy. Notably, the game has garnered significant attention, with over 2,500 new registrations recorded since its announcement on August 25th, available exclusively on BitMart. The price of DRN also rose 900%.

Furthermore, the game opens up a world inspired by Eastern mythology, where players can establish clans, get married, rear pets, and engage in constructive games to earn tokens. These known Doran (DRN) tokens have real worth in the gaming economy. A play-to-earn approach wherein players may easily trade DRN for USDT provides players with both amusement and economic incentives.

“Our game makes it possible to not only have fun in a great world on the go, but also earn valuable tokens in the process,” The quote by one of the early adopters of the game SHANHAI.

The SHANHAI experience can be had by people worldwide – the game was released on IOS and Android on Aug. 28th and has already had more than 2,500 downloads since the announcement of Bitmart listing of the token Doran. Although the game will be released first in Southeast Asia, there are plans to bring it to other countries.

The game’s inclusion on BitMart is a tribute to its potential and a cause for celebration for the SHANHAI team. To better prepare new players to take on the game’s most formidable foes, a bounty of tokens and weaponry is given to them upon their first login. Gift tokens and loot increase in value with character level, making the game more enjoyable. This is just the beginning of the development process, and future updates will further enhance the quality of the gameplay experience.

To sum up, SHANHAI’s release is a watershed event for the gaming industry, signaling a new era in which blockchain technology will transform games, media, and business. As the stability of conventional banking institutions is threatened, new companies like SHANHAI offer a fun and user-friendly alternative.

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