SealsWithClubs Chairman Bryan Micon Announces SWCPoker

The world of Bitcoin enthusiasts received another massive blow yesterday as the number one bitcoin poker site SealsWithClubs announced they are immediately ceasing all operations. Due to a security breach, the SWC team decided to take this drastic course of action, and let users withdraw all of their funds. However, SealsWithClubs Chairman Bryan Micon posted a cryptic message about potentially relaunching the service under a different name.

From the information we have received, we can gather this new website will be called SWCPoker.What might be even more baffling is the fact that users who earned “Krill” from actively playing over at SealsWithClubs, will be able to transfer this credit over to the SWCPoker site without any additional fees.

For those of you who have never played at SealsWithClubs, you would earn Krill by actively playing poker on the website. Furthermore, the more Krill you collected, the more freerolls would open up for you to participate in. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not SWCPoker will inherit the same system, but seeing how Krill can be transferred, it is safe to assume a similar service will be available on the platform.

According to sources on Twitter, it remains sad to see SealsWithClubs go, but SWCPoker will be offering a far superior service compared to SWC. Some people even go as far as saying this is the first site to offer “Bitcoin Poker 2.0”. At this point in time, it remains rather unclear as to what possible advantages SWCPoker could offer compared to SealsWithClubs, but once the site fully launches, more testimonials will start appearing on the internet.

With the biggest Bitcoin poker site closing its doors, there is a power vacuum in this niche market. Granted, there are several other poker sites out there that are also accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, yet none of those platforms has managed to gain the same traction in the overall Bitcoin community like SealsWithClubs had.

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