ScheduleMe – Scheduling Problems Solved

ScheduleMe, a product of A Mighty Nice Company, is a new quality service for scheduling time for individual consumers and enterprises. This innovative solution is based on real-life difficulties encountered by our founder, Krista Robinson, when she was unable to see someone’s calendar availability outside of her organization. Such scheduling problems can lead to much unnecessary stress and wasted time.

To develop a solution, Krista assembled a strong team of business and technology professionals, including close friends and others who believed in her vision of a way to avoid this all-too-common problem. All members of the team are dedicated to their individual tasks and to the success of the service overall.

The ScheduleMe Executive Team has considerable experience in the supply chain solutions market, pharma, and enterprise software. The group includes one Microsoft 10-year veteran who manages day-to-day operations as well as the company’s strategic direction.

We Weren’t Alone in Our Endeavor

The groundwork for ScheduleMe —including concept, vision, and code development—was initiated internally, but during this early stage, we engaged NIX Solutions as our developmental partner. The specialists on the NIX Solutions team of 1500 helped build a functional prototype to meet our requirements and structure plans for a beta launch. Their technical expertise and compliance with the latest market trends, plus their experience with graphic design, helped our website become popular. NIX Solutions offers a full range of Web development solutions, including Java, .NET, PHP, and C++. Their impeccable IT project management service has helped us to bring our vision of ScheduleMe service to fruition.

The ScheduleMe platform is built in the Microsoft Cloud, so it readily meets all security and compliance standards—which is what our clients expect and demand from our service. ScheduleMe needs to collect and use select users’ personal information to schedule and appoint meetings. Users’ data isn’t stored, but is immediately deleted once the user finishes scheduling an event, and the meeting details cannot be published or shared anywhere else. FREE/BUSY information is shown only to the users who have set up a profile on the system and use it on a regular basis. As a result, our clients’ personal data is completely secured, and keeping it safe is what we do best after time scheduling.

The ScheduleMe service supports such calendar systems as Google, Outlook, Exchange, and iCloud, and Yahoo will be supported very soon. And because our customers are often on the move, ScheduleMe is also compatible with Internet-supported devices and browsers. Users can download our Outlook add-in to access Outlook client directly.

Growing by the Hour!

Our client database is constantly growing! Companies across all business segments have turned to us for reducing their business process time and have given ScheduleMe positive feedback. For instance, a big technology consulting firm that works with many technology vendors and suppliers was able to improve their working process by using our platform.

Our service eliminates the need for endless emails and messages between co-workers and staff members trying to agree on a time or waiting for someone to respond. With ScheduleMe, it takes only a few minutes to confirm a meeting time that is convenient for everyone. And ScheduleMe is very inexpensive. Subscription for our cloud-based service is only $3.99 per user per month. Business users can also have a free trial period of 15 days with up to five accounts to experience our service’s features. For individual customers, the service is free. And the above-mentioned Outlook add-in is free of charge for all customers.

Our sole purpose for ScheduleMe is to further develop our product and give the best quality service to our clients. We anticipate that NIX Solutions will continue to be our trusted partner, and we will continue to improve our product based on our clients’ feedback and support.

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