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Sapience AIFX Steps Forward With The First AI Blockchain Project

For the last couple of years, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been quite a popular subject of debate, mainly thanks to the fact that it has the potential of revolutionizing the world that we live in. What’s even better is that AI can also be introduced on a wide spectrum of markets, which can in turn improve the current situation of a system.

With this in mind, the last couple of days have brought in reports referring to the introduction of an Artificial Intelligence system over on the Blockchain, thanks to the new cryptocurrency and AI project known as Sapience AIFX.

To put things better into perspective, by finding a smart way to combine modern AI with the technology which is in charge of operating the Blockchain and the peer-to-peer network that has revolutionized the bitcoin protocol, a concept that is unprecedented in today’s market will be created. The project has also brought in a couple of other innovations including the fact that it has implemented the first distributed database platform, which is currently running directly over the peer-to-peer bitcoin protocol, which is also a great evolution, as it allows for a distributed hash table and trie-based indexing, which are both concepts that the cryptocurrency world has been lacking in a way or another until now, but which are also needed for the overall success of the market.

Another great development refers to the fact that the Sapience AIFX project has also implemented the first in-wallet interactive Lua shell, which is basically a system that aims to grant developers from all around the world the ability to come up with build solutions, thus leveraging the Blockchain and providing blockchain singularity. Their influence will also probably extend over the multi-layer perceptron networks and distributed data storage, which all represent areas that not many have focused on until now.

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By finding a way to rebuild the Blockchain and repair most of its major issues, users will soon be able to get access to an unparalleled experience, driven forward by Sapience’s engines. Overall, if successful, the project will improve the way we interact with the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also bring over a market which provides an in-wallet experience that is also compatible with Counterparty protocols, which means that the cryptocurrency wallets of the future that we may have will not only be more secure, but they will also have a lot more features, which is an essential factor for the continuous development of the cryptocurrency.

The Sapience AIFX project was founded by Joe Mozelesky, who is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, willing to set a new standard in a world, which has the great potential of being driven forward by cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the structure and the wide variety of ideas that have been put into this project will not only greatly improve the overall experience of users from all around the world, but it will also increase the security and the decentralized status of most cryptocurrencies available at this moment in time.

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