Samsung Galaxy Store now Lists Multiple TRON Dapps

It is pertinent for the cryptocurrency industry to keep growing and evolving by any means necessary. The Samsung Galaxy Store now provides exposure to various TRON-based DApps, which is rather interesting.

Various smartphone manufacturers have begun paying attention to blockchain technology.

TRON Dapps Show up on Samsung Devices

In some cases, the companies even label their device as a “blockchain smartphone”.

For Samsung, the goal then becomes to support as many different applications and services as possible.

In the latest update, the Samsung Galaxy Store has received some more offerings.

Multiple TRON-based DApps can now be accessed through this platform.

This includes offerings such as Meerkat Mining, Timeloop, and various others.

In terms of providing exposure to blockchain services and products, this is a crucial development.

The choice to integrate TRON DApps, on the other hand, may be considered somewhat controversial.

That particular ecosystem does not have the best of reputations at this time.

Even so, the DApps being offered all seem to have their own merit, first and foremost.

How the Samsung device owners will respond to these new offerings, will be difficult to predict.

DApps cater to a very niche segment of the cryptocurrency crowd, which is a very niche market in its own regard.