Russian Media Tycoon is Offering 1000 BTC Reward To Help Identify Hackers

Russian media Tycoon Aram Gabrelyanov is offering a reward of 1,000 BTC to anyone who can help track or identify the group of hackers behind the heist of some of his private documents. 

An ad offering personal information about Aram Gabrelyanov, General Editor of the Russian portal Life was seen at The exchange of information, a marketplace where private and sensitive information is offered to the best bidder. Anonimous International is asking 100 BTC ($67500 at press time) to hand out the cache of data.

Aram GabrelyanovThe alleged members of the hacker group said that they own private emails, facebook messages, photographs and other files contained in Gabrelyanov’s cellphones. The hackers, self-named “Anonymous international” profess that the information they are selling refers to several business practices of LifeNews managers and executives. They also claim to have conversations between Gabrelyanov and other executives about his employees.

In his facebook article, the tycoon of the information expresses that he paid a group of hackers an undisclosed amount last year after he was extorted. However, new demands emerged this week. Gabrelyanov also said that his email had been hacked by this group and denounced that the emails may have been manipulated and altered.

Regarding this event, Aram Gabrelyanov published on his facebook account  a comment, lashing the group of hackers. In this article we can read the following  statement:

The hackers don’t believe that I stepped up the money. I just announced a bonus of 1,000 BTC  to anyone providing hard evidence with the data of these hackers.

Anonymous International is a hacker group well known for their attacks on the Russian political elite. They’ve hijacked the Russian prime minister’s Twitter account.

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