RunCPA Announces Competition for Best D-App on the Ethereum platform

RunCPA, an advertising and marketing company which connects traffic owners with businesses in an omni-network has announced a promotion for smart contract-based businesses.

Since early 2016, the Ethereum network has displayed an unprecedented level of growth in terms of user base and market cap. The value of the Ethereum network currently rounds off at US$900 million and it is increasing at a rapid rate due to the active engagement of various technology corporations including microsoft and large financial institutions and banks such as JPMorgan and Wells Fargo. The Ethereum network is particularly useful for businesses and platforms attempting to create decentralized and censorship-free platforms and applications which can scale at an efficient rate.

The RunCPA team is offering free advertising for Ethereum applications and businesses utilizing the smart contract technology to build innovative and unique applications. Startups and businesses with applications launched on the Ethereum network are already beginning to collaborate with the RunCPA team to launch result-based advertising initiatives.

While the majority of advertising networks available to business owners and startups in the market today operate on a per view or per click pricing basis, RunCPA provides a unique service to startups which only requires entrepreneurs to pay when a new customer engages with the platform or application. For Ethereum-based startups and platforms, this unique marketing strategy could be vital for the growth of the user base as it is already difficult to find an appropriate clientele in the industry. By intelligently searching for active users through a result and incentive-based advertising network, startups can save a substantial portion of their budget and scale predictably.

Ethereum startups could also benefit from the RunCPA network’s bitcoin payment channel. Many prominent advertising networks such as Google Adsense or AOL’s limits their payment options to wire transfer, traditional remittance networks (Western Union) and PayPal due to legal issues. However, the RunCPA network allows its clients to deposit and withdraw balances using bitcoin, reducing transaction fees and minimum threshold for both startups and traffic providers.

Since RunCPA facilitates a vast network of traffic providers, the company promotes itself as one of the few advertising platforms which enables applications to search for users they believed were unreachable to them. Although it is difficult to speculate whether Ethereum startups will be able to garner and establish a large userbase using the RunCPA network, the network’s efficiency and scalability could provide startups with an affordable yet reliable method of growing their applications.

RunCPA has also announced publicly that the company is holding a competition from now until June, 1, 2016, to select best D-App developers on the Ethereum platform. The selected application will be integrated with the RCPA network and the developer behind the application will receive an exclusive job offer that carries a salary of US$250,000 a year and shares in RunCPA.
“”RunCpa is the much needed bridge between crypto and mass adoption through marketing that has been otherwise absent until now. I am proud to lead such an initiative that allows me to share my passion for crypto and Fintech overall,” RunCPA Chief Marketing Officer Adam Guerbuez told Merkle in an exclusive interview.