Rublix – Changing the Cryptocurrency Scene

It’s obvious that cryptocurrency investing is often intimidating and complex for newcomers to the space. This complexity has been one of the largest factors limiting the speed of mass adoption. Without user-friendly tools, even if new investors and traders are sure of what they want to purchase, they may often be unsure of how best to manage and analyze their assets. This is what makes the projects being led by Rublix some of the most promising currently underway, and has the potential to change how users interact with their investments.

At present, most small traders and investors have just a handful of desktop and mobile tools at their disposal. Rublix is developing not just a series of tools, but an integrated, cross-platform suite, making it easier for non-technical investors to use sophisticated data analytics.

By creating an integrated suite of tools that can work in tandem, Rublix will enable these smaller investors to “trade the way the pros do,” leveling the playing field. The current road map is quite extensive and outlines the development of three main products, as well as a proprietary blockchain which will be used to manage the entire enterprise. This new blockchain doesn’t currently exist, so their upcoming ICO will be conducted on the ethereum blockchain. The team then plans to transition to their own proprietary blockchain, potentially via a token swap. Clearly, the team is looking to the future and as laid out a realistic road map with potentially broad-ranging effects on the industry.

The first tool in the Rublix toolkit will be the Hedge Platform, which is the primary heads-up-display portfolio management tool that users will be able to access. It will allow traders to get a quick overview of their investments, as well as integrate social aspects and analytics. One of the most interesting features of this tool is the “trading blueprints” function which will lets investors copy successful traders. This tool has a built in feature to pass along rewards for successful traders with a high-quality track record who share useful trading blueprints. According to Rublix, these rewards will be distributed automatically via smart contract, which is one of the reasons for their development of a proprietary blockchain. The Hedge Platform is currently in the initial development stage, with the alpha release slated for the first quarter of 2018 and a general release of version 1 the following year.

Having covered the bases on a portfolio management tool, Rublix then plans to move on to developing an integrated trading platform; TradersEdge. The api-based exchange platform will offer in-depth analysis tools including interactive charting mechanisms, enhanced indicators and a variety of other features. The development team have focused on efficiency, and judging from the available screenshots, they’ve done a good job of creating an attractive user interface.

The final piece of Rublix’s integrated product line up detailed in the roadmap is Centurion, a proprietary wallet. Although still only in its alpha phase, the wallet contains features which make it a departure from the average cryptocurrency wallet offering. The entire user experience has already been redesigned for cross-platform functionality for both miners and coin holders. Some of the integrated features include real-time conversion of RBLX tokens to any currency, creating liquidity and ease-of-use for participants in the platform.  This can get new users into mining, who might not have otherwise considered dedicating their resources.

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