Roger Ver Agrees To Trade BTC For BTU at a one-to-one Ratio

There is no such thing as a boring day in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. One Reddit user called out Roger Ver to propose a trade of Bitcoin against BTU. A 1-for-1 trade seems a bit unusual at this stage , considering Bitfinex’s Chain Split Tokens indicate BTU is valued lower than BTC. That being said, it goes to show some people are growing tired of the ongoing Bitcoin unlimited hard fork debate.

Roger Vet Gets Called Out By Bitcoin Supporter

Most people are well aware of how Roger Ver is one of the early bitcoin investors, who accumulated significant BTC holdings while the value per coin was extremely low. As the bitcoin price increased over the years, Ver has seen his capital grow steadily. These days, he is using a part of his holdings to spread the world of Bitcoin unlimited. in fact, he is even paying miners at the mining pool an extra 10% – out of his own pocket – on top of the block reward.

It is evident Roger Ver is very confident Bitcoin Unlimited will succeed. Even if BU were to hard fork bitcoin, he feels it will eventually become the new bitcoin and retain the same value. Other community members are not too certain that will be the case, though, as Bitcoin Unlimited will be regarded as an altcoin by most Core supporters.  Additionally, it appears exchanges will list Bitcoin Unlimited as BTU, rather than BTC.

This creates an intriguing situation, to say the least. It also allows one particular Reddit user to call out Roger Ver and see if he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. BTC-broker, as this user is called on Reddit, is looking to exchange his BTU for Roger Ver’s BTC holdings at a 1:1 rate. The goal is to exchange between 60,000 and 130,000 BTU for BTC. BTC-broker also ensured everyone can see he holds enough money to back up these bold claims, as one address has been¬†confirmed to hold at least 40,000 BTC.

Regardless of how this transaction plays out, there will be someone who is very happy about this trade and another person who might regret agreeing to such a deal in the long run. Based on the value “projected” by the Bitfinex Chain Split Tokens, it appears the odds are favoring BTC-broker to increase his holdings by a significant margin.

To be more specific, the current “value” for BCC – which is the current Bitcoin chain – compared to BTU is more than two-to-one. Converting BTU to BCC at those rates would result in Roger Ver losing a lot of money and BTC-broker being a very happy person. Seeing as how Roger Ver firmly believes in Bitcoin Unlimited holding the same value as BTC, there is no reason for him not take up this offer. In fact, he replied on Bitcointalk explaining he seems more than willing to go ahead with this trade.

This news is received with quite a lot of anticipation. Some bitcoin community members on Bitcointalk feel how he is “digging his own grave” by agreeing to this deal. According to Ver’s post, the exact details of this particular transaction will be ironed out over the coming few days. Rest assured a lot of bitcoin holders will be keeping an eye on this situation as it unfolds. This is a very intriguing development in the bitcoin world, that much is certain. ¬†

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