Ripple Technical Analysis/speculation – 8/13/2015

Ripple has encountered many a flash crash and even a few rallies in its lifetime. Launched as a revolutionary leap in crypto technology as it launched alongside a exclusive platform. Whilst the development of the coin has yet to slow down it seems that market action has slowed down considerably over the past few days leading to stagnation and ultimately, a slow but defined devaluation.

Below is the graph displaying the price movement which has rocked the Ripple market. As seen below the current market climate may not be allowing for much price movement in the upward direction simply due to the constant price decreases plaguing the markets. In some ways like bitcoin, once ripple had entered this phase of stagnation it was always going to be difficult for a trend reversal rather than a complete rally as investor confidence is at a all time low following no positive market action.



Currently it seems that the price of ripple may carry on going downwards as it follows the trend set over the past few days. With many graphs showing a grim impression of whats to come it may a while till the currenty activity is reversed as a floor is not in sight with volumes stronger at much mower levels. I would expect the price decrease to carry on till levels of 0.00002881 BTC at maximum before the trend is broken. This has occurred earlier in the week where this level became a signal for a small price increase which saw prices bump up to 0.00003319 BTC for a few days. Unfortunately it seems that there may not be many oppurtunities to profit as the current market climate is set to remain with prices falling over the course of a few days. Remember never to invest more than you can afford as losses can often be much l;arger than deposits.

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