Ripple CEO Interview Gets Taken out of Context

In the cryptocurrency space, there will always be major bias toward certain projects. A recent interview by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is being ripped out of its context once again.

Many people believe that Ripple is dumping XRP on cryptocurrency exchanges.

People Still Don’t Understand Ripple

To this date, that has never been proven in an official capacity.

It is true that Ripple sells XRP to its corporate partners, yet this has nothing to do with crypto trading platforms.

In a recent interview, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented on how the company’s business is evolving. 

For reasons unknown, some people try to make his comment fit their own narrative.

As Garlinghouse mentions, both XRP and their software solutions are major revenue contributors.

If either of them would be taken away, Ripple would be less profitable as a company, which makes perfect sense.

Why anyone interprets this as “Ripple is selling XRP by dumping it on the market”, is difficult to explain.

Partners such as MoneyGram continue to pay attention to On-Demand Liquidity and their use of XRP.

That alone shows how this native asset is prominent for Ripple and its overall business.

Whether that makes it a good or a bad investment option in the cryptocurrency space, will always be subject to debate.