Rhea Token Aims to Protect Cryptocurrency Portfolios

The recent hit to the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets have left many investors feeling burned by the cryptocurrency industry. It was the first time this year that investors and traders were so massively vulnerable, and many people lost a lot of money. A project called Rhea Token is hoping to help investors avoid these kinds of vulnerabilities in the future. Let’s take a look at what this project has to offer.

Problems for Investors in the Cryptocurrency Markets Today

One of the most frustrating aspects of the cryptocurrency market is holding onto a coin, then seeing another asset perform better or seeing current holdings decrease massively in value. Because of this, Rhea token decided to build a platform that allowed investors and traders to treat cryptocurrencies more like traditional investments, assets, and positions. Through this platform, Rhea users can speculate, trade options, and hedge the cryptocurrency market without having to expose themselves to the risks associated with holding individual cryptocurrencies. All of this sounds like it could be a nice opportunity for investors, but how does it work exactly?

Hedging Bets and Insuring Positions With the Crypto20 Index

Most investors know that trading index funds is often more secure than buying, holding, and selling individual stocks. Rhea token’s mission is to provide cryptocurrency investors with opportunities similar to those that traditional investors have at their disposal while trading. They plan on doing this with their Crypto20 Index. Investors can buy and trade this entity similarly to index funds. It is called “Crypto20” because the index will be comprised of the top 20 best-performing cryptocurrencies at any given time.

Platform users can buy, sell, and trade these options and indices with the Rhea token. They are also able to act as market liquidity on the platform in exchange for an extra return. Token holders and market participants can expect to be given a quarterly dividend. By allowing traders to work with the top 20 cryptocurrencies in one neat package, Rhea Token lets investors hedge against markets and protect themselves from the incredible volatility associated with the cryptocurrency markets.

Rhea Token’s Upcoming ICO

Since access to their options trading platform and their Crypto20 Index requires having the Rhea token, the team will be hosting an ICO in the coming weeks. It will start on October 2nd and run until the 30th of October. The minimum contribution will be 0.1 ETH. Its supply cap is a hard 50,000,000 tokens. Interested individuals are encouraged to read their whitepaper thoroughly and to follow the news via their social media outlets.

Here is their website: http://rheatoken.io

Check out their whitepaper here: http://rheatoken.io/documentation/WhitePaper.pdf

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