Retik Finance and Notcoin Tumble. Investors Backing New AI Crypto-Meme Coin Hybrid Project

Retik Finance and Notcoin’s prices have nosedived after the market’s attention shifted towards a new AI crypto meme coin that combines the best of decentralized finance with artificial intelligence.

In the last 30 days, Retik Finance has dipped over 80%, and Notcoin has seen its value shed some 20%.

Raboo’s AI-backed meme token, on the other hand, is gaining momentum. Over $1.5 million has been raised in its ongoing presale. Analysts predict a 100x rally for $RABT on launch day.

Retik Finance struggles with a dip of about 80%

Retik Finance investors were left holding the proverbial bag after RETIK’s price registered a sharp decline of over 80% on its monthly chart. What was previously touted as a significant development for the DeFi crypto space, with a vision to reduce costs and boost transaction efficiency, is quickly becoming a massive loss for RETIK holders. 

It seems that investor attention is quickly moving towards AI crypto, given that the trading volume across AI crypto projects is over $2.7 billion. Even though Retik Finance offers a promising solution that leverages smart contracts in a way that is set to reshape decentralized finance, users are craving access to communities that thrive on engagement and giveaways. 

Notcoin’s previous momentum wanes, registering a 19% drop

Notcoin’s launch on Binance saw its price rally briefly to a price point above $0.012 per NOT, only for the Telegram-based token to decline sharply to a meager price of $0.007 per NOT. What’s more, Bitcoin is also down this week, leaving behind a wave of panic among NOT holders over the future trajectory for NOT. 

Even though Notcoin has managed to build a strong Telegram community of users who are rewarded with NOT through a tap-to-earn mining technique, the platform completely lacks engagement. While some analysts predict a turnaround for Notcoin given that its technical indicators demonstrate a possible trend reversal, it remains to be seen whether NOT will recapture previous market attention.

Raboo’s AI-backed meme token gathers bullish momentum

Raboo is building towards an AI crypto revolution that combines aspects of generative AI with the thriving meme culture currently taking over the DeFi crypto space. Raboo’s $RABT is used to reward users who engage with Raboo’s platform through creating memes and posts with AI. 

These users also get to earn from their AI-generated memes and posts, thanks to Raboo’s post-to-earn infrastructure. Simply put, Raboo is building on top of the trendy meme culture to provide meme enthusiasts a platform to connect with like minds and earn passively through the content they generate. As proof of its success, Raboo has already raised over $1.5 million in its ongoing presale, and analysts predict a 233% rally during its presale.


Investing in crypto requires a dynamic strategy, especially in the fast-paced world of DeFi crypto. As trading activity moves from projects such as Notcoin and Retik Finance to AI crypto projects, investors should take note of presales for the best return. Raboo’s unique approach builds on a thriving community that is only getting started. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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