REBGLO – Bringing Sustainability in the Cryptocurrency Domain

According to the reports, the cryptocurrency mining process requires three times more energy than digging up gold that is worth a dollar. In fact, global Bitcoin mining alone has transcended the energy consumption of some nations including Ireland in recent years. Evidently, the environmental impact of this enormous processing requirement has still not been accounted for by the crypto-landscape.

REBGLO – Addressing the Critical Impediments  

The REBGLO is a digital currency project that works with the concept of ‘Reboot Globalization’ and ‘Reproduction and Globalization.’ The project aims to leverage state-of-the-art technology to bring an eco-friendly approach towards crypto-mining process and offer greater efficiency and economic benefits. REBGLO intends to accomplish its objectives via its powerful solutions that include:-

Data Transmission System (DTS)

Typically in a traditional crypto-mining process, miners have to read and reconstruct the collected data across multiple unoccupied spaces on the disc, making it a complex and lengthy process.  This system is primarily designed to solve scalability issues and reduce power consumption in cryptocurrency mining. When tested the technology exhibited a 17.2% improvement in hash/s.

Benefits of using DTS system in virtual cryptocurrency mining:-

  • Extend Improved Computing Performance

By accumulating all the relevant data for processing on the central memory, and integrating it with instruction parallelization during the crypto-mining process, DTS improves the operational performance on a higher level.

  • Provide Augmented Mining Speed and Revenue

DTS system allows miners to gain mining income at higher levels than combinations including conventional mining software and mining computers.

HETTARER Technology

REBGLO is an unconventional electromagnetic sticker that adjusts elementary particles into a constitution state. Once collected, these particles develop a protective layer that opposes electromagnetic noise, which is responsible for reducing the battery longevity. HETTARER stickers were developed in Japan. They basically use conductive paper to gather the charged particles from electric currents emitting from the device and air naturally. These stickers come with a lifespan of 60 days and are currently available for smartphones and many other battery-operated gadgets via

Furthermore, these particles are then enhanced by the heat occurring from the battery, that offers subdued charging times and elongated battery life. By solely applying the sticker on the back of the device, users can improve the overall battery performance by 20-40%. These effective hacks can also be used on car batteries and other battery-operated household appliances.   

HETTARER Technology Boosting Crypto-Mining  

HETTARER can also be leveraged to reduce the high frequency of electric devices by 90%, thereby notably doubling the efficiency of the crypto-mining. HETTARER sticker is proven to improve both data mining speed and its results. The statistics showed that within the span of 24 hours, the sticker revealed a 133% increase in Monero data mining and a 114% improvement in Monero mining within 48-hours by multi-currency mining pool of MinerGate.

REBGLO – Safe, Secure, and Efficiency Crypto-Mining Solution

REBGLO project aims to offer effective and powerful software as well as hardware solutions in order to improve the existing cryptocurrency mining process. The company in near future aims enter into the ‘Electric Power Business’ and ‘Energy’ business and develop its own electric power company. Through its efforts, the company plans to address environmental issues associated with crypto-mining as well as extend the landscape a more efficient mining environment that reduces the complexities and increasing the chances of making better profits.

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