Ray Dalio Claims no one Should Invest in Bitcoin or Have Cash

Investors and financial experts often have very colorful opinions. Ray Dalio certainly falls into this category, especially following his recent “advice”. 

There are few financial tools that give consumers actual freedom.

Ray Dalio is Firmly Against Bitcoin

Cash is one of those options, and it is a thorn in the side of banks and financial experts.

Ray Dalio even goes as far as claiming how cash is trash and should be avoided.

Instead, he wants to see more Americans invest in stocks and whatnot.

That advice is not the most solid, especially when coming from someone who’d benefit directly from a stock market bull rush.

Dalio is also convinced that the US economy is in a good place, albeit the warning signs are clearly there.

Similar to others, Ray Dalio also favors gold which he considers to be a top investment for the years to come.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is something he advises people to stay away from altogether.

This makes his opinions rather similar to Peter Schiff, an “expert” who has been proven wrong time and time again over the years.

While it is true that a diversified portfolio is always beneficial, blindly following advice from experts won’t help much. 

Everyone can conduct their own research and figure out why having cash is crucial as an individual.