RailBlocks skyrocketed and now it’s Byteball’s turn

On 1st December 2017, the price of RaiBlocks was $0.21 and by 2nd January it had increased to $34, that’s an enormous 150-fold growth. This is an incredible appreciation in a single month. The key to success is the use of the new DAG technology that has gained the attention of many investors.

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Now the eyes of investors and enthusiasts from the crypto world are on Byteball, a currency that also uses revolutionary DAG technology instead of an obsolete blockchain. Byteball has recently been mentioned in an article on Forbes. Byteball’s worth is already increasing. The first buying wave began when the price in December was $250, these days it has reached $1140.

The Byteball team has been reinforced with new member Eli Taranto joining as PR and Marketing director. He has a strong track record in marketing, business development and investor relations.

Byteball developers will give a talk about Byteball at the World Crypto Economic Forum http://wcef.co/ on the 15th-16th January. Eli will also be there and there are a number of meetings planned in addition to the conference. The team will talk about Byteball at Altcoin Meetup in Zurich on 2nd February. The meetup is organized by the Bitcoin Association of Switzerland.

One of the most awesome features came in the release of textcoin in version 2.0 of the wallet. But just a few weeks later, in version 2.1, we got some more amazing additions. Firstly, the ability to send all public assets as textcoins, not just Bytes. Secondly, an option to create paper wallets for cold storage through textcoins. Thirdly, amounts displayed in U.S dollars for wallet balances, transaction history and fees.

So now there are even more options to distribute Bytes and you can see what the value of what you are sending and how much it costs in dollars. The original, very interesting, program for retailers remains. Dealers and service providers can apply for a refund of 10% of the invoice amount in the form of bytes to customers. Byteball could become widespread especially among e-commerce. The ICO bot now supports BTC and ETH, meaning you can pay in BTC or ETH to buy a token issued on the Byteball platform. The first ICO on Byteball is Titan Coin.

Byteball’s number of reddit members is growing slowly but steadily, there are currently just over 2,000 members. In comparison with other DAG coins its community is still very small. RaiBlocks, for example, has over 40,000 members, but two months ago, it had only several hundred.