Quantum Computing is Coming in 10 Years

Quantum computing is one of the many scientific industries of great interest to a few bitcoin enthusiasts. Although it is doubtful a quantum computer would ever be used to mine cryptocurrency, any advancement made in this sector make it easier to potentially break currently used encryption standards. One of the latest quantum computing breakthroughs is capable of creating the new technological revolution our society direly needs.

Quantum Computing Is The Next Frontier

Supercomputers are very powerful, yet very rarely use all of their potential. To be more precise, virtually every supercomputer in existence today is only using a fraction of its capabilities. In most cases, this is because we do not know how to unlock it, as there are no demanding tasks anyone has thrown at it to utilize its full potential.

That may soon be a problem of the past, though, as international researchers may have found a way to unlock the true power of quantum supercomputers. Moreover, they may have found a way to create even more powerful supercomputers moving forward. If their research holds true, the next technological revolution is just around the corner.

A prototype of this large-scale quantum supercomputer is being built as we speak. Although most specifics remain unknown, the researchers indicate this new device will be millions of times faster than the current best supercomputer the world has seen. Moreover,  they claim building this machine would take roughly ten years to complete.

Scientists throughout history have always dreamt of building a quantum computer that could live up to its full potential. That dream remained elusive for centuries, yet it appears the pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to fall into place. The engineering plan of this quantum supercomputer is being written up as we speak, and is expected to be released shortly.

Once this quantum computer becomes a reality – which is still an unknown for now – it is expected our society will see a technological revolution on an unprecedented scale. Advancements in medicine, science and space travel are just a few of the possibilities. A quantum computer is capable of changing our society as we know it, although it is impossible to grasp the full scope of what awaits us.

Contrary to popular belief, the plans for this quantum computer are not an academic study any longer. It is a plan ready to be executed by the world’s best engineers. While it remains to be seen if this plan is a feasible one, the scientific world is buzzing with excitement. Quantum computing is on the cusp of becoming very real sooner than most people had anticipated.

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