PwC Taps ChainSecurity to Strengthen the Audits of Smart Contracts

PwC has always taken a keen interest in blockchain technology. Smart contracts are of great importance to the firm.

To further explore options in this regard, PwC Switzerland is teaming up with ChainSecurity.

PwC has big Hopes for Smart Contracts

This latter company specializes in smart contract auditing, an industry that continues to thrive and grow. 

While smart contracts have tremendous potential, they are not safe from coding errors or human mistakes.

As such, an auditing firm is crucial when dealing with this technology in a professional environment.

It is important to note that this collaboration does not involve a merger or acquisition.

The main objective for PwC is to become the world’s leading authority in smart contract auditing.

ChainSecurity is tasked with accelerating blockchain audits, both for platforms and hedging services for clients with crypto assets.

There is a genuine feeling that market demand for blockchain and mart contract will increase exponentially over the years.

PwC wants to strengthen its position in the field to remain ahead of potential competitors. 

This collaboration also provides multiple benefits tot he ChainSecurity team.

Rather than providing just technical expertise, they will now be able to work together with an industry leader.

Over time, this will allow the firm to offer a more coherent service to their current and future clients.