Purse Starts Pre-Integration Steam Gift Card Sale

Even though Steam has yet to officially integrate Bitcoin into their platform, Purse.io has decided to celebrate this joyous occasion ahead of schedule. Purse Instant is now offering Steam Gift Cards to US customers, and a 5% discount will apply on all orders, plus there will be free 2-day shipping as well. At the same time, Valve has remained eerily quiet on when Bitcoin integration will be coming.

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Purse Wants To Sell Steam Gift Cards

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Purse.io

While many Bitcoin users have been reaping the benefits of the service offered by Purse.io over the years, they tend to surprise people now and then. Now that rumors are floating around the Internet about Steam integrating Bitcoin payments in the near future, Bitcoin community members are anxiously waiting to spend their digital currency on Valve’s platform.

For those users who cannot wait any longer and want to get in on some Steam action right away, Purse.io is offering a special temporary promotion. While users will have to buy physical Steam Gift Cards to enjoy this promotion, free two-day shipping is not bad at all. Plus, there is a five percent discount on all orders as well.

There is no information as to how long this promotion will be available, though, so Bitcoin users would need to jump on this as soon as possible. However, there will be a lot of people waiting to see Valve integrate Bitcoin on their Steam platform in the near future. No official announcement has been made as to when this will take place, though, nor when the new beta client will be released to users.

Integrating Bitcoin payments into Steam is a very smart move by Valve, as they can make use of the digital currency’s global appeal to further solidify their position in the market. Keeping in mind how the Steam platform makes use of a marketplace to buy and sell in-game collectibles, Bitcoin can play a big role in boosting these sales. After all, not all Steam players have access to a credit card, yet Bitcoin is accessible to everyone in the world.

It remains to be seen whether or not Valve will offer Bitcoin users discounts when they make a purchase through the platform. After all, accepting Bitcoin payments is far cheaper compared to working with credit or debit cards. But as is the case with most merchants dealing with Bitcoin, those savings are usually not transferred to the customers.

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