Prizerebel Now Pays Out In Bitcoin Through SNAPCARD

Acquiring Bitcoin is still a rather tedious process for the everyday consumer, but it looks like things have become a bit easier. Popular referral/conga website Prizerebel is now paying out its users in Bitcoin, rather than relying on just gift cards or Paypal payments. Doing so creates an easy way for novice users to get their hands on Bitcoin, without having to go through an exchange’s verification process.

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Prizerebel – Complete Tasks and Get Paid in BitcoinTheMerkle_GPT Prizerebel Bitcoin

The concept of “get-paid-to” websites is nothing new under the sun, and websites like Prizerebel have been very popular for quite some time now. Users will have to complete tasks that are either free or cost a small amount of money, for which they will be rewarded with points on the Prizerebel website.

Once a user reaches a certain point threshold, they can exchange these earnings for either a gift card or a PayPal payment worth a certain amount of money. Accepting such a PayPal payment could lead to one’s account being flagged for suspicious activity, which creates more hassle than it’s worth for most people.

Prizerebel is taking a different approach to converting these points to something users can spend, by offering an option to receive Bitcoin payments. To be more precise, Prizerebel offers the option to convert a points balance to a Bitcoin SNAPCARD, which can be used by anyone in the world.

Similar to how their other payout options work, don’t expect to get rich overnight by getting involved in Prizerebel. It takes 500 points to receive a US$5 payout in Bitcoin or 1,000 points for a US$10 payment, and so on. That being said, this does create an alternative way for people to get their hands on Bitcoin without going through a verification process.

The integration with SNAPCARD is quite interesting, as it is one of the “lesser known” Bitcoin wallet solutions in existence today. That being said, SNAPCARD is a convenient way to obtain and store Bitcoins, and their customer support is quite outstanding so far.

What are your thoughts on Prizerebel integrating Bitcoin payouts through SNAPCARD? Let us know in the comments below!

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