Privacy Phone vs CallCoin vs XCoinCall

In the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, there are plenty of innovative services to be found. Paying for phone calls with bitcoin has been one particular industry where a lot of success can be gained. Unfortunately, several companies have been forced to shut down their bitcoin phone-oriented services due to regulatory measures. Luckily, a few options still remain to this very day.

3. Privacy Phone

Most people will have never heard of this service, even though it is a venture launched by FreedomPop a few years ago. The objective of the Privacy Phone is to provide communication privacy in the form of untraceable text, calls, and internet usage. All communication is encrypted, and internet browsing is fully anonymous at all times.

It is quite interesting to see a mobile telco provide such a powerful service, to say the least. FreedomPop has launched this service to boost mobile security and allows users to purchase this service in exchange for bitcoin to maximize privacy and anonymity. This service is only available to specific consumers in the United States, though, which means it is only moderately useful for now.

2. CallCoin

CallCoin is a rather interesting venture, as it allows users to make international calls over the Telegram messenger protocol. While most people use Telegram for its instant messaging services, it can be used as a call client as well. CallCoin aims to make this feature more prominent among bitcoin enthusiasts. Providing a low-cost international calling service for bitcoin is a promising business venture, to say the least.

One could argue there may not be an immediate need for a low-cost international calling service payable in bitcoin. CallCoin is one of the only providers not using VoIP technology but uses an encrypted platform instead. Additionally, this service can be used regardless of internet connection stability, which is the main bottleneck for other low-cost calling services. All things considered, CallCoin is a powerful platform checking a lot of the right boxes.

1. XCoinCall

One of the more recent services to launch goes by the name of XCoinCall. This platform is straightforward to use, as everyone needs to register for an account first and foremost. Users can then deposit funds – in bitcoin – to their balance, check the rates and start dialing the phone number immediately. Services like these don’t need to be complicated by any means.

It is worth mentioning XCoinCall supports calls to virtually every country in the world, and ensures AES 128-bit encryption for all communication. There is no separate app to download, as everything takes place within the browser itself. Moreover, XCoinCall can be used to call both landline and mobile numbers in all of the supported countries. Quite a compelling service that many bitcoin enthusiasts may enjoy over the coming years.

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