Prime Numbers Intends To Be XDC Network’s First DAO, NFT, and GameFi Project

January 9, 2022– Prime Numbers, an innovative ecosystem, aspires to be the first DAO, NFT, and Gaming project on the XDC network. The ecosystem is a DAO that sells NFTs to provide scholarships to students to grow. However, the project is more than just NFTs. Prime Numbers brings something new to the table by introducing GameFi with NFTs.

According to official sources, the NFT examples shared with the community only preview what players’ characters and avatars will look like in the game. Prime Numbers chose the XDC network because of its scalability, low transaction costs, and high transaction speed. In addition, the XDC network has a beautiful community that would be beneficial to the project’s ecosystem.

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a harsh financial reality, making education prohibitively expensive. In addition, COVID-19’s economic crisis has made it more difficult than ever for students to fund their education. As a result, the Prime Numbers team was inspired to create an ecosystem that can aid in developing tomorrow’s world by supporting students’ education.

Prime Numbers NFTs are generative, meaning each NFT is produced due to specific inputs. In addition, $PRNT is the core token of the Prime Numbers ecosystem. PRNT tokens can be used for various purposes, including DAO governance, staking, in-game assets, and much more.

To promote a fair and transparent ecosystem, 30% of the initial NFT proceeds will go into the student fund, 30% to the development fund, 35% to reward $PRNT holders, and the remaining 5% to the team. Furthermore, under the NFT Royalty Standard, $PRNT holders will receive 2.5 percent of all resales, with an additional 2.5 percent going to prime Numbers DAO, who will automatically send a 1.0 percent to the student fund. $PRNT holders can increase their reward by leveling up their NFTs. Everyone that participated in the Presale, private sale, and seed round will get a special NFT that starts with even better rewards. These special NFTs will never be minted again, so the Presale is the last opportunity to get your hands on one.

Notably, the Prime Numbers ecosystem is currently running a competition for people to write stories about the Prime NFTS, also known as Primes. Users can earn $PRNT for creating unique stories with a lot of imagination.

According to a member of the Prime Numbers core team, “we’ve continued to grow continuously as more people gain interest in the project and join us to build a decentralized community that will have an impact on society while also being profitable for all users.” Furthermore, students who are not eligible for a student scholarship can obtain a student loan by providing valuable NFTs as collateral, which will be financed by investors, some of which might hope that the loan will default, allowing them to claim the collateral. This way, a student who has a significant net worth in NFTs will be able to study without having to sell their NFTs.

It’s worth noting that the project’s Presale is currently live, with 24% of the total allocation sold out. The previously completed private sale raised over $480,000, demonstrating the incredible traction gained by the project even though it has yet to be officially launched. Before the allocated supply for the project gets exhausted, anyone interested in the Prime Numbers ecosystem should visit the Presale.

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