Predicting Crypto Trade Prices Through AI: Cryptics Reveals Its Solution Package

Where blockchain-based digital money has brought ease of transactions to millions of people around the world, it has seen its share of issues. One of the major factors that make trading in cryptocurrencies risky is its extreme volatility. Bitcoin, the most established and highest market cap currency, for example, can fluctuate a couple of hundred dollars on any given, normal day.

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Then there is another issue of regulation. Most laws in the world for financial systems are designed with fiat in mind. Digital money, with its intangibility, crosses that realm and sits in a grey area. There are countries that accept cryptos as a daily part of life (Japan, South Korea) and then there are ones that have banned or strictly rule out cryptos as currencies (Pakistan, the latest example).

Untamed And Wild

With lax regulations, or lack thereof, cryptocurrencies are not subject to traditional market behavior. Institutional investors are very cautious about to venturing into the crypto world and seasoned traders are frequently spooked by any little changes in value.

It might take years for the crypto trading market to mature and stabilize, or it might never be tamed. A long-term look into the future is simply not possible. What traders and investors can do at best is to take in account multiple factors all over the world that can help them know when to buy or sell. Even this is a difficult trick to master and requires a lot of experience.

Prediction Through Intelligence

Cryptics, a blockchain-based trading decision making platform, is designed to help investors and traders make a good trade by aiding them in decision-making. The platform has recently announced its artificial intelligence system, that studies and monitors hundred of factors that affect price and value of cryptocurrencies. The AI takes in account different factors, sources of information, different exchange rates, possible trends, and feeds all this through its algorithms and neural network. This allows it to create a prediction of cryptocurrencies’ prices rise and fall.

The AI is a powerful system that can process large amounts of data in a short period of time, that ordinarily will take human analysts days to sift through. The human factor also includes personal bias and there is always the possibility of erroneous prediction. Cryptics claims that its AI does not have these flaws.

AI And The QRP Token

As an independent decentralized platform, Cryptics has its own financial ecosystem. Investors and traders who wish to bank and cash in on the AI’s ability to make better decisions must pay for services through Cryptics own token, the QRP. This gives them access to information on specific cryptocurrencies and future prediction, giving forecast that has the minimum of uncertainty involved.

The platform’s AI is the result of a well coordinated team effort and hundred of man hours to create an algorithm that reduces risks and maximizes profit chances, allowing traditional and crypto investors tools and the knowledge to trade in digital money with maximum safety.

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