Storytelling and the Power it Brings to the World

There is a secret power in telling your story. Globally, there are approximately 152 million books in circulation, and 2.2 million more books are published each year. Even with the large number of stories in circulation, more have yet to be written. Millions of stories are shared every day on social media platforms and online. 7.5 million blog posts are written daily, and upwards of 400 million posts are shared on Facebook and Twitter.

There are many psychological benefits associated with storytelling. Writing about important personal experiences for as little as 15 minutes over three days may benefit your mental and physical health. Psychological benefits include healing, communication, concentration, self-reflection, reasoning, success, and creating your legacy. Writers process emotions quicker than non-writers, and writing about your experiences can help provide clarity. Storytelling also helps you focus on a single idea, organize complex ideas and feelings, and effectively communicate difficult concepts.

The first step to writing mindfully is getting started. Using a writing prompt may help you decide what you want to write about. It may be a reflection of a challenging experience or a story of an adventure you had as a child. Writing should feel like a reward, not a punishment. In order to enjoy your writing journey, it’s essential to focus on the process rather than just the end result. Additionally, it’s important to save everything because you never know what you’ll want to come back to.

The benefits of writing take time, so building a habit is imperative. Start small, and commit to writing every day or several times a week. In the morning, write down a goal you want to accomplish, and during the evenings, write about something you’re grateful for. During the day, writing about your feelings can help reduce stress and get you into the habit of writing.

Anyone can become a published author with the right tools. You can then tap into your writing potential and change your life. New tools allow you to democratize and socialize writing, allowing you to grow, collaborate, and create. There are private communities of writers, guides, and service providers that deliver rich information. Lastly there are writing tools to create, protect, and sell your content. It’s time to unlock your story – you just might change the world.

The Secret Power of Telling Your Story